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#TIL: docke-compose up <service> will expose all the service's declared ports, while docker-compose run <service> won't. Apparently, this is so by design. I had to spend quite some time figuring this out.

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“Germany is not an open society. It is a society that wants to be open, but above all it protects itself. German culture is so strong that it doesn't really accept other ideas and arguments.” — Ai Weiwei

Source: 'Germany is not an open society': Chinese artist Ai Weiwei on leaving Berlin

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Apple is becoming a macOS gatekeeper too.

For the past 35 years, any Mac developer who wanted to ship an update directly to customers could do so by recompiling a binary and distributing it. When macOS 10.15 ships this fall, the status quo will change. Mac developers must register with Apple and sign their products. They must submit their binaries to Apple for notarization. And most significantly of all, they must agree to the terms of Apple’s App Store developer contracts, even if they don’t distribute their apps through the App Store.

via A Real Gatekeeper

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We have gone through decades of software development evolution, and still, setting up logging properly is one of the things that make my head go 🤯

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This is a book that I’m sure, a lot of fellow developers would benefit reading from:

Your Code as a Crime Scene

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NES.css – a NES-style CSS style framework.

I can imagine a few fun web projects, where this could be used :)

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“Do not communicate by sharing memory; instead, share memory by communicating”
Effective Go

via Building a Bank with Go

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My new favorite coffee mug – a special “You Are Here” Starbucks edition featuring Bulgaria. From what I heard, also quite a rare collectible item.

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#TIL about the breakpoint() function in #Python 3.7 It starts a pdb session when the statement gets reached.

This is quite neat and might save me one or two print statements 😉

Thanks to @FlorimondManca for this discovery!

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The scooter invasion reached Germany as well. 😲 If I recall correctly, electric scooter renting has been a hot topic across German courts, and has only been officially given a legal status at the beginning of July.

In what seems only a couple of days, hundreds of these have been dropped on the streets of Munich. Now both locals and tourists, thirsty for some thrill from their boring day, are desperately trying to end the lives of innocent pedestrians. I just hope they don't follow the fate of OBike's rentable bikes, some of which ended up in the local river. An electric scooter's battery is a mini lab of toxic stuff, so if this is in your mind, please, think twice.